7 Ridiculously Awesome Yoga YouTube Channels to follow

14th Mar 2018

7 AWESOME Youtube Channels to follow now! If you're looking for a free, simple, effective workout and prefer to train at home, yoga is your best option.Not only you practically don't need any equ … read more

Acro Yoga Flow

18th Feb 2018

Grab you partner or a friend and get on that mat! … read more

Yoga Wants You! 5 Step Plan to Get Yoga Into Your Life

Posted by Liforme Blog on 6th Feb 2018

When you’re a complete beginner it can be hard to figure out how to take the first steps onto the mat but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to hold your hand because we can’t wait for you to start you … read more

Fluid Morning Flow

Posted by on 15th Jan 2018

Fluid Morning FlowDo you feel a little creaky when you first wake up in the morning? During the night and other periods of inactivity, the cartilage in your joints absorbs some of the lubricating syno … read more

3 Greatest Gifts of Yoga for Hustling People like Me

Posted by Colin Kenneth on 27th Nov 2017

Buy your Grey Liforme Yoga Mat here  P.C @Victoria_waitsI am a hustling, energetic person. This is how I am and always have been. I always thought of it as my strength, but everything has its fli … read more