Top Spots for Yoga Pics in Dubai

Posted by The Urban Yogini on 12th Nov 2017

Wonder no more! Get snappy!The Desert Dubai Mall/Burj KhalifaP.C Yoga_Miss_Tee. Buy your Green Liforme Yoga Mat hereMiracle Garden P.C Tranquil _stephDubai Design District P.C AnjK … read more

Top 5 Yoga Myths Debunked

6th Nov 2017

Buy Pink Liforme Yoga Mat here1. Yoga Is For Flexible PeopleHow many times have you heard people say this. “I’m too stiff for yoga” or “I can barely touch my toes.” While it is common to walk into a y … read more

10 things your yoga teacher secretly wishes you'd do

29th Oct 2017

While most yoga teachers pride on being laid back and creating a casual, welcoming atmosphere, there are some common rules of etiquette that go a long way. Abide by the 10 rules below to make your yog … read more

What to Expect in Your First Yoga Class

Posted by Tieja MacLaughlin on 16th Oct 2017

We’ve all been there, our first yoga class.Are you nervous? Don’t be. Even the most confident of us were.First things first though – congratulations on making it this far! It takes courage to try some … read more

10 reasons to buy your own Yoga mat…

Posted by The Urban Yogini on 12th Oct 2017

Who needs a yoga mat of their own?In short the answer is everyone who practices yoga regularly. The first thing to purchase as part of your Yoga kit, is your very own mat. If you’ve been attending Yog … read more