Undefinable: A Yoga Practice Defying All Odds

1st Apr 2017

If you still think that yoga is only for the strong, spiritual, skinny, flexible, and any other label you’ve heard of, you’re in for a wonderful awakening. Meet Danielle Orner—writer, actress, motivat … read more

Interview with a Yogi- Nicola Theo

16th Feb 2017

HEALING THROUGH YOGAI found yoga through a broken heart. I was in my early twenties and a relationship that I was clinging to desperately crumbled apart. I felt broken, rejected, betrayed and soul … read more

The Science of Yoga

12th Feb 2017

Watch the new short film ‘The Science behind Yoga’ Featuring Bruce Lipton Ph.D, Sat Bir Khalsa Ph.D, Dr. Mithu Storoni, and many other experts on the scientific research behind the benefits of Yo … read more

Must-See AcroYoga Sequence

Posted by Credit: Hagar Tsabar on YouTube on 25th Jan 2017

AcroYoga requires complete trust and surrender between the two or more partners practicing. In this video, the yogis communicate through touch and intuition. Achieving perfect harmony and balance as t … read more

Interview with a Yogi - Lara Bogdanovic

17th Jan 2017

We recently caught up with Lara Bogdanovic, an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. This is what she told us about her journey.There comes a point in life when you know you can't go your old ways anymore, … read more